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Review of SugarDaddy

Sugar Daddy has been one of the most popular niche dating sites for sugar daddies and sugar babies. It has been our no.1 choice for sugar daddy dating. It is because this site offers such impressive online dating services, supporting sugar daddies and their fans to find the perfect match in no time. The site is free to join. Specially tailored for this purpose, you will be able to find many attractive and young singles from the site in no time. You can also do it while you are working in the office.

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Sign Up and Profile

Sign Up process does not take you much time and is very easy. You just need to enter your username, make sure it is easy to remember. Then choose your password, and fill in the blank. Click enter, you will be redirected to another page wherein you are offered by the paid membership. But if you think that you want to be a free member first then you just need to click the other option. And don’t forget to validate your email so that your account will be active. The signin process is also very easy. You just need to type the chosen user and password at the upper right of the page, then click login button. And VOILA, you can start completing your profile.

What is the Full Contact?

Fullcontact means that you’ll be able to contact all members, both paid and free. If you are not opting the full contact, you will only be able to make a contact with paid members.


We will only show you few features because of the policy of the site. The bottom ;line is that you can add someone to your favorite list, make a thorough research and narrow down the results so that you can find the best matches, adding photos. Make your photos private and public. And there is also mailing service that you can use to initiate a contact with other members.


Though Sugar Daddy is free to join. You will only be able to enjoy the free services for 2 days. It is a trial program, which will bill you when the trial period is gone. So you only have 2 days until you decide whether or not purchase the membership.

The process of granting the membership is easy and not painful. You will need to provide your full email address, choose your membership, and choose how many months you want to be a paid member. There are different types of the memberships. You can check them here:

Diamond: $44.95/month,
Diamond with Full Contact*: $59.90/month

Platinum: $39.95/month
Platinum with Full Contact*: $54.90/month

FYI, Full contact means non-paying members are also be able to make a contact with you.

It’s important to know that being a member is a monthly subscription, and you can also choose how many months you want to be a member. We’d like to suggest you to purchase order for 3 months or 6 months so that you don’t have to be bothered to go to bank on monthly basis. After finishing the payment, your membership upgrade information will be announced by the customer service.


The women members in Sugar Daddy are not bogus. It is proven by thousands reviews which implied that they had found real girls from the site.  Use the 2 days trial to assess the site and decide your membership. We’d suggest you to choose one with full contact so that it will broaden your choices.




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