What is a Sugar Daddy?

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sugar daddyThere are a lot of misconceptions about sugar daddies that make them come under negative light. However, contrary to this sugar daddies are just wealthy men looking for companionship. Many people also believe that sugar daddies look for women to have sex with and there is nothing more than that. However, this is absolutely false and there is certainly more that what meets the eye.

Basically, sugar daddy can be any individual that seeks the companionship of a beautiful and confident woman and offer money or perks in exchange for this favor. This is nothing more than a conventional relationship minus the commitment. Men and women that prefer to stay away from commitments usually prefer to get into this kind of a relationship. Here are a few qualities that define a sugar daddy and as a sugar baby you should certainly look for these qualities in the individual:

He is rich: Well, this is certainly the trademark quality of a genuine sugar daddy. These individuals are very rich and boast of all the luxuries that you could think of. He is capable to keep you happy and can certainly take care of all your financial needs. In fact, many sugar daddy dating sites give sugar babies the option of mentioning the remuneration as part of the profile so that sugar daddies get a clear idea of your expectations from the relationship.

He is a busy person: When you’re in a relationship with a sugar daddy, don’t expect him to respond to all your messages and calls. As he is rich, he is expected to be busy managing a lot of other things. He might be a celebrity that has a lot of commitments to fulfill or a businessperson that has to complete several deals in a stipulated period of time. Never expect him to be available around the clock.

He seeks a like – minded companion: Although you wouldn’t be expected to know all the trade secrets of his field, he would certainly want you to be smart and quick – witted. There are a couple of qualities that every wealthy man expects from his companion. When it comes to wealthy men, the importance of these qualities increase manifold.

He dislikes commitment: A sugar daddy may be a married person that has a family to take care of. The only reason why he chose to be in a relationship with you is to get away from the norm and try something out of the box. Besides, he might also be expecting to learn something from someone who is younger to him. Therefore, never treat him like your husband and give instructions or ask too many questions.

So, now that you’ve got a clear idea of who a sugar daddy is, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get onto a sugar daddy dating site and start searching for an ideal partner.